A brief history of Darpanet [Dangerously Advanced Research Project Alliance]

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The Darpanet network had humble beginnings with its founder Camel. Camel instituted a network with a focus on world domination, and dissemination of exploit techniques and technologies. With a rich culture of individuals including mA, Izik, redsand, xort, and many many others. Darpanet quickly grew to international underground fame for its candid ability to penetrate any target in sight.

Targeted at times by rival groups such as el8, and h0n0. Members of this elite establishment continued to prosper until around 2004 when Camel decided to fade away into the background. I was handed Darpanet with the hopes that like a phoenix it could be reborn once again into an intellectual empire for the computer security digerati.

It is my belief that we have done just that. Our community around 40 strong have proven time and again that research, development, and sharing of findings make us stronger than our predecessors. Focusing on core security technologies, research, project management, and penetration testing we have found countless flaws in today’s internet. We are OhDay strong, All day long, Bitches.

We are Unicorns and we drive by smell not sight. Fear has grown world wide as speculation for our right to world dominance forces many to consider the possibility that our goal has been reset, but did it ever really change?

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